The Boot Hunter - Boot Jack Puller

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  • WILL NOT SCUFF - or discolor your boots or shoes

  • PERFECT for HUNTERS, CONSTRUCTION, ELDERLY or persons with BACK PAIN who can not bend over easily

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - Hunting Boots, Cowboy Boots or any Shoe

  • KEEP ONE AT FRONT AND BACK DOOR.GREAT FOR TIGHT BOOTS - No more straining to remove tight boots.


The Boot Hunter let’s you take off your boots and shoes without bending over and or getting your hands dirty. The boot jack is special designed with a soft rubber gripper that holds your boot firmly for easy removal. Keep muddy & dusty boots at the door where they belong. Great gift for that Outdoor enthusiast, Hunter or Cowboy in your life. Save your floors and your back when your using our easy to use boot jack,  the ” Boot Hunter “.

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The Boot Hunter - Boot Jack Puller