24' Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line with Chain & Rubber Stop

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  • COLORS - Fun colors for you to be able to choose to show off your style.

  • 24' - This lunge line is 24 feet long which will provide the perfect distance when lunging and can even help with the young ones you are teaching to lunge

  • CHAIN- A heavy duty 20” brass plated chain will help give you a little extra edge on those days your horse is feeling a bit frisky!

  • COTTON - This cotton web lunge line is definitely much softer then most. Now you can lunge your horse in comfort and won't have to worry about getting those pesky rope burns.

  • RUBBER STOP - Don't ever be faced with your horse getting a little frisky and flipping that rope out of your hand. Our cotton lunge line has a rubber stop to help you have more grip and stop the rope from sliding all the way out of your hand.


This 24 foot lunge line really is ready to help you get to the basics with any horse. Out at pasture or in the round pen, you can have the versatility of it all.20” brass plated heavy duty chain to keep strong and not break under pressure. Made with a cotton webbing to stay soft, and comfortable in your hands. This will help prevent those pesky rope burns when your horse gets a little frisky. The rubber stop also helps when your horse is being over active, or when your starting a young one. The rubber stop helps keep the lunge line from totally running through your hands if your horse takes off, or pulls. Pick any of the fun colors that show off your style!

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24' Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line with Chain & Rubber Stop