Good Medicine Morning Star Show Blanket Classic Saddle Pad Western Navajo New Zealand Wool Horse Pad

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  • THE PERKS OF A WOOL SADDLE BLANKET - The Finest Materials, Bright colors, Hand Loomed, 100% wool, Durable
  • LEGEND AND SYMBOLS - Each Good Medicine Designs tells a story, read below to find out what story your pad could tell!
  • GET NOTICED EVERYWHERE YOU GO! - Western riders from all over love our American Heritage Morning star pad. This pad comes in a variety of colors. Each color is hand picked from a foundation of beautiful earth tones inspired by Native American culture and traditions.
  • NEW ZEALAND WOOL - Southwestern Equine takes pride in using only the most high quality wool available on today's market. New Zealand wool is loomed to be one of the most high quality and durable fibers in the industry.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Southwestern Equine is proud all american family owned brand! We are horse people and ranch owners just like you. We proudly back all of our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Special Edition Good Medicine Collection by Southwestern Equine Nearly everyone who participates in western disciplines appreciates the value placed on the horse by the Native Americans of the Plains. We admire the painted symbols; hand prints, ringed eyes and other marks that told a story of success and empowerment in battle. The Good Medicine Collection TM offers today’s “warrior” the opportunity to saddle their horse with unique hand loomed 100% New Zealand wool blankets that feature the symbols that protected and empowered both horse and rider of the Plains over 100 years ago. Each Good Medicine TM is designed in the United States and hand loomed in India of 100% New Zealand wool. Legend and Symbols Honor and communion with our creator was symbolized by decorating bridles and masks with feathers. Additionally, they symbolized prayer and a higher power. The zig zag patterns at each end symbolize lighting and its unbridled power. The downward triangles represent trust in the divine and taking responsibility for our own destiny. The balancing upward pointing triangles give wisdom and sensitivity. Power is also represented by the X (male) or X with a circle (female) above it. Male power puts an idea onto practice while female power is nurturing and compassionate. When saddled with Rein Maker, the horse and rider are united in destiny. Power comes from physical strength, wisdom, compassion and understanding - all gift from our creator. Facts about Good Medicine Collection - Wool ✓ Antimicrobial, resists odor-causing bacteria. ✓ Absorbs moisture as a vapor but repels it as a liquid. ✓ Optimize Performance ✓ Breath ability helping manage temperature and moisture. ✓ Durability, and long lasting ✓ The Finest Materials ✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed ✓ SIZE - 38" x 34" PLEASE NOTE - The Good Medicine Collection custom designs are copyrighted

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Good Medicine Morning Star Show Blanket Classic Saddle Pad Western Navajo New Zealand Wool Horse Pad