Casa Zia Extra Thick Saddle Blanket/Saddle Pad

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  • WOOL - Made of 100% New Zealand wool doubled and sewn.

  • DESIGN - Western design. Tan with multi-colored stripes.

  • USE - Great to use to cover your saddle pad to add some flair to your look. It is thick enough that it maybe used as a saddle pad.

  • WEAR LEATHERS - Run the entire length of the saddle pad. Helps protect your saddle pad from the rigging and cinches..

  • SIZE - 32" x 32"


This blanket is popular for riders that are looking for the old west designs. Thick enough to use as a pad, many people do. This blanket's unique design pre folds the blanket and then sews it in place for a sure fit and ride. Great protection for your horses back. Heavy weight 100% New Zealand quality wool doubled and sewn 32” x 32” blanket with wear leathers that run the entire length of the pad

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Casa Zia Extra Thick Saddle Blanket/Saddle Pad