Replacement Manure Fork Head Round Bowl Fun Colors

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  • SIZE - 15.5" W X 12.5" L

  • INCLUDES - We even added the nut and bolt to secure it to your existing handle in a jiff.

  • DEEP BASKET - The bowl like design is made to help with a faster clean up and hold more at once to make less trips

  • COLORS - We made this sturdy, durable pitch fork head in many fun different colors to suite everyone's style.

  • WEIGHT - Very light weight, but very strong and flexable to help clean all your stalls. Great to keep in the trailer for horse shows, camping trips, & long hauls.


The bowl like shape of this fork makes it great for cleaning any stall in a hurry. The shape holds more and allows for better balance when carrying the manure over to your muck bucket. The fork is very light weight yet strong and flexible to help clean pastures, stalls, matted areas, horse trailers, and much more. With so many fun colors to choose from we know we have just the color you were looking for to really show case your style. We even included the nut and bolt! When you order today you can immediately replace that broken old fork head with your brand new one. Size dimensions measure at 15.5" W x 12.5" L

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Replacement Manure Fork Head Round Bowl Fun Colors