Short Shank Gag Bits

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  • METAL - Stainless Steal with Copper Sweet Iron Mouth Piece

  • SIZE - 5 1/8" Mouth with 6 1/2" Cheek

  • SWEET IRON - This bit has a solid copper mouth piece to really keep your horse salivating through your entire ride.

  • THE BIT - This bit have a life savor break in the middle to allow a better leverage for your horse, and a large base on your horses tongue for less pressure

  • RECOMMEND - This bit is for a more advanced horse, but if you are wanting to teach your horse how to get use to a shank, this is a great bit to do so. Just take the time to teach them the new pressure points before any long ride or event.


This amazing bit is not quite like the others. This bit is a light weight snaffle bit. The medium shank gag bit allows you to have the indirect pressure, yet still provide leverage. We can't say enough good things about this bit. We do recommend this for a horse who is more advanced, and if you are introducing your horse to a shank for the first time with this bit, to take it slow and teach them the new pressure points before taking them on a long ride, or doing any event.

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Short Shank Gag Bits