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Dusty's Pommel Horn Bag is the first trail bag you should add to your trail gear. You will use this small horn bag more than any other trail pack. This saddle horn bag keeps your important items right at your fingertips. The first thing you will notice in how snuggly it fits and stay in place while ridding or trotting down the trail. Use the two snug straps on the back to strap around the front or your saddle under the saddle horn (cantle). The second thing you will be surprised about is how much stuff fits in this small space. Easily fit wallet, mace, sunglasses, extra reins, wind breaker, knit hat, riding gloves, keys, sandwich, snacks for your horse, and so much more. Waterproof liner will keep your valuable dry on those surprise rain showers or splashing through streams. Cold day trail riding, no problem. We made an over-sized "Easy Grab" zipper pulls that enable you to open the horn bag a snap. No need to take off your gloves to get inside. We are confident that when you look close at things like our Dust Proof Zipper, Waterproof Liner, Easy Grab Zipper and Saddle Fit you will not find anything better at our price.

Southwestern Equine Dusty's Trail Gear & Outfitters Supply Trail Packs