Southwestern Equine Orthopedic Aluminum Frame Cribbing Muzzle

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Aluminum Frame Cribbing Muzzle - By Southwestern Equine

Our goal is to make sure we have everything you need to help your horse, live a normal life. The cribbing muzzle easily attaches to any halter of your choice, and makes switching between horses easier then ever. The muzzle is as light weight as they come. Now you can be totally confident when leaving your horse alone that he wont crib. Cribbing is one of the hardest bad habits to deal with. The muzzle makes sure they will not be able to grab onto the rails/panels, which in return saves there teeth. This muzzle still allows the horse to be able to eat and drink with no issues. In fact, we have even added a rubber piece that can be removed and this helps your horses with laminates that crib and you want to turn out to pasture. No cribbing or over eating.


? No more cribbing.

? No little test bits on rails to save teeth

? Laminates protection for pasture horses

? Removable laminates piece

? Modify to each horse

? Attaches to halters easier then ever

? No cribbing, or over eating

Southwestern Equine Orthopedic Aluminum Frame Cribbing Muzzle