Southwestern Equine Orthopedic Felt Wither Pad

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OrthoRide Line Wither Pad - By Southwestern Equine

We believe in making your horse as comfortable as possible. The wither felt bad is amazing for helping fill in those gaps from lose of muscle mass, or a saddle with a large gullet. Use this on the colts you are starting, while their still growing. We know there is that awkward stage as a 2 year old where the hip is higher then the shoulders. Now you can even out your saddle for those first rides so your not leaning forward and the saddle wont pinch making a better learning experience. Now you can share this wither pad between horses and still use the beautiful pad you bought for each specific horse. The are 11" L x 8" W ( Length is measured from the tip to the end of one black pad) and 2 1/2" Thick.

Southwestern Equine Orthopedic Felt Wither Pad