Universal Manure Fork Head "Catch-All Deep Basket"

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  • Deep basket - for faster clean up

  • Heavy duty - tines and fork head

  • Uv resistant - made to not fade or crack from exposure to the sun

  • Easy replacement - universal mount for easy replacement

  • Flat bottom - triangle tines - ensure low contact with the ground


Heavy duty deep basket manure fork head. Cleaning up your stalls and barn 2x faster with the deep basket manure fork. The deep basket design keeps debris from falling out. This heavy duty construction last many times longer than thin cheaply made versions. Why make the daily chores any harder than they have to be? Greatly reduce broken tines, and clean up time with this high quality manure fork from Southwestern Equine. Please note this is for the head only. No handle.

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Universal Manure Fork Head "Catch-All Deep Basket"