OrthoRide™ Barrel Racer Saddle Pad

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The OrthoRide™ Elite saddle pad is the same design as the Original OrthoRide™ but is finished with tan wool top and a chocolate brown colored wool bottom.  Giving you a choice in finish and color. Both the Elite and Original offer the Orthoride Stabilizer Insert to ensure that you saddle stays in place  and remains balanced while protecting your horse's withers from the saddle bar pressure.

 Original OrthoRide Saddle Pad


Why is the OrthoRide™ Saddle Pad so popular with barrel racers?To be honest the original OrthoRide was not made for barrel racing. But through the grass roots barrel racers found that the Poron shims in the front of the OrthoRide Saddle pads, we stabalizing their saddles around the turns, and keeping the saddle level. Before we realized it Barrel Racers were one of the largest buyers of the Original OrthoRide.

Enter the OrthoRide Barrel Saddle Pad is the same design as the OrthoRide Origianal series, but in a smaller size and shape specifically paced for barrel saddles.  Today you will see the Southwestern Equine Logo on top barrel racers across the country. Try one yourself or vising the Southwestern Equine Facebook pages to talk with over 7,000 riders who use our saddle pads. See what they are saying.  Southwestern Equine Facebook Page

The OrthoRide Barrel Saddle Pad can address several saddle fit problems:

Stabilizes Saddle in Turn
• Lessens Horse Anticipation
Protects Horse Shoulders
Less Slipping - Stays Snug

Additionally the OrthoRide Barrel Saddle Pad can help with:

    • Saddles that are Too Large
    • Saddle Tilt Forward
    • High Withers or unusual conformation horse
    • Narrow Withers

 OrthoRide™ Barrel Saddle Pad utilizes a combination of orthopedic material to address common problems with saddle fit. The OrthoRide Saddle Pad uses inserts of PoronXRD® to absorb shock and impact at the contact of the saddle bars. PoronXRD® is currently used in professional athletic padding and is considered one of the best shock absorption technologies on the market today. Next we use memory foam to fill in gaps that may occur with the saddle that do not exactly match the shape of the horses back, this ensures a snug fit. Lastly we line the entire bottom of the pads with orthopedic grade felt. This ensures comfort for your horse while wicking away sweat.

 Let’s give our horses some comfort.

The OrthoRide saddle pad’s wither relief insert is designed to give your horse relief from