Montana Tan Wool Saddle Pad - Thick 1 Inch

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Southwestern Equines Montana is a tan wool saddle pad. The same saddle pad chosen over and over by professional trainers, pro ropers, pro cutters and barrel racers.  Made with high grade fine tan wool, contoured spine and withers cut out with premium top grain wear leathers.


There is just nothing better than an all wool saddle pad. A true wool saddle pad will fit your horse better the day you put it on and it will only get better as it conforms to the shape of your horse's back. The hollow natural fibers will wick away sweat and heat keeping your horse dryer and cooler.  Whether you are a trail rider or professional trainer this Wool Saddle Pad will last for years. This is a high quality wool pad made of fine tan wool that has a contoured spine and withers cut out with premium top grain wear leathers.  Look for a more even sweat mark on your horses back when you use the Montana wool pad. Another reason people like wool is it is easy to clean. You can simple hose it off with cool water and then hang dry.

Select from a thickness of 3/4 inch or 1 inch. Then choose 30 inches, 32 inches or 27 inches lengths.  The standard length is 32 inches.

    •  Wool Saddle Pads  Stays Snug on your horse’s back

    • Used by Professional horsemen across the country.

    • Self Contouring to shape of your horse's back

    • Wool is exceptionally Easy to Clean

    • Wicks Away Sweat Fast

    • Superior Cooling

    • Use Less Cinch Compression

  • Great Shock Absorption

Wool saddle pads are a popular choice among horse owners and riders due to their numerous benefits. Here are some of the main benefits of using a wool saddle pad for horses:

  1. Comfort: Wool is a natural, soft and flexible material that conforms to the shape of the horse's back, providing a comfortable fit. This is especially important for horses with sensitive skin or pressure points.

  2. Breathability: Wool is an excellent choice for saddle pads as it is highly breathable and can help to regulate the temperature of the horse's back. This is especially important during hot weather, as it helps to prevent sweating and overheating.

  3. Moisture wicking: Wool has the ability to absorb and wick away moisture, which helps to keep the horse's back dry and comfortable. This is especially important during activities such as jumping or endurance riding, where the horse may become sweaty.

  4. Durability: Wool saddle pads are known for their durability and can withstand regular use and washing. They are also resistant to dirt and stains, making them easy to maintain.

  5. Weight: Wool saddle pads are generally lightweight, making them easier for the horse to carry and for the rider to handle.

  6. Impact absorption: Wool saddle pads have the ability to absorb shock and impact, making them suitable for activities such as jumping or cross-country riding. This helps to protect the horse's back from the stresses of these activities.

Overall, wool saddle pads are a great choice for horse owners looking for a comfortable, breathable and durable option for their horse.

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Montana Tan Wool Saddle Pad - Thick 1 Inch