OrthoRide™ "ROPER" -Soft Hit Dally Shim 100% Natural Wool 1" Saddle Pad

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The OrthoRide® Roper uses the Poron impact material to soften the hit on your horses’ shoulders when you dally. That leads to nothing but good things. Less pain, less injuries, less anticipation. These all lead to a better horse and better control which of course give you a better shot. Give your horse a break and he’ll return the favor.The OrthoRide® Roper is a completely different design of our popular OrthoRide Correction saddle pad. We started by using only the Best Quality Wool as the foundation. Our wool has a proven track record of durability and has been extremely popular with Ropers since the day it came out. Next we cut the Poron impact pad to match saddle bars when roping and dallying. This is a larger and taller area in the saddle pad. The combined result is beefy Roper pad that conforms to your horse and saddle the first day you use it and will stay that way you years to come.

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OrthoRide™ "ROPER" -Soft Hit Dally Shim 100% Natural Wool 1" Saddle Pad