OrthoRide™ All Purpose Saddle Pad Black Wool Felt

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What are OrthoRide™ Saddle Pads?

The OrthoRide All Purpose Pad uses the Poron impact material to give ultimate support down the spine in a kidney shape form. This leads to nothing but good things.

We started by using premium Black Orthopedic Wool Felt as the foundation. This orthopedic wool felt has a proven track record of durability and has been extremely popular with our clients. Next we cut the Poron impact material into the pad on each side to insure spine relief.  This will ensure a balanced ride for your horse to perform at his best.

This pad comes in a 32" x 31" x 1"

The OrthoRide Barrel All Purpose Saddle Pad can address several saddle fit problems:

Stabilizes Saddle in Turn
• Lessens Horse Anticipation
• Works great with Treeless Saddles
Less Slipping - Stays Snug

Additionally the OrthoRide All Purpose Saddle Pad can help with:

  • Saddles that are too Large

  • Underdeveloped Top Line

  • Prevents Sore Backs

OrthoRide™ All Purpose Saddle Pad utilizes a combination of orthopedic material to address common problems with saddle fit. The OrthoRide All Purpose Saddle Pad uses inserts of PoronXRD® to absorb shock and impact at the contact of the saddle bars. PoronXRD® is currently used in professional athletic padding and is considered one of the best shock absorption technologies on the market today. The premium Elite grade wool ensures comfort for your horse while wicking away sweat.


Let’s give our horses some comfort.

The OrthoRide All Purpose saddle pad’s spine relief insert is designed to help give your horse relief from the weight between the saddle and rider that impact your horses spine. To many times you will see a horse that has suffered improper saddle fit indicated by white hair spots along the top line where they now have a permanent scaring. This is actually trauma of the hair follicle, turning the hairs in the damaged area white.

 Saddles that are too large.

Saddles are expensive, so for people that own more than one horse having a perfect fitting saddle for each one becomes impractical. Additionally horses’ backs change shape over the years.  The All Purpose Saddle Pad works by filling in the space along the spine of the saddle and holding the saddle up level where your weight is more evenly distributed. This can give you and your horse a better day riding.

Young Horses.

Many young horses do not have fully developed muscles or backs. Early experiences can last a lifetime with a horse. The OrthoRide™ All Purpse saddle pad is great for young horses. The OrthoRide is a gentle saddle pad for their backs while helping them get used to the weight of a rider. The PoronXRD® inserts works by absorbing the shock.

Old Horses.

Just like with young horses older horses have similar problems. As horses age they can start to lose their back muscle or top line and their back gets sensitive. Again like with young horses, OrthoRide™ All Purpose saddle pads are gentle on their backs. The PoronXRD® inserts absorbing the shock.


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OrthoRide™ All Purpose Saddle Pad Black Wool Felt