OrthoRide™ Saddle Pad With Fleece Bottom

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The OrthoRide™ saddle pad - Fleece Bottom  is designed to help correct improper fit between your saddle and your horse’s back. Specifically designed to relieve shoulder strain and pressure and helps with poor fitting saddles, unusual horse conformation, high withers, narrow shoulders, young horses, team roping or asymmetrical muscle development.

OrthoRide with Orthopedic Felt bottom

What are OrthoRide™ Saddle Pads?

The OrthoRide saddle pad is designed to help correct improper fit between your saddle and your horse’s back. Why do people wear insoles and orthotics in their shoes? Because everyone’s feet and shoes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It is the same with horses. With hundreds of breeds and thousands of saddles designs, just like with shoes and feet. Often times a little help makes all the difference with fit and comfort.


OrthoRide with Orthopedic Felt Bottom


OrthoRide Saddle Pads utilizes a combination of Orthopedic material to address common problems with saddle fit.

First we use inserts of PoronXRD® to absorb shock and impact at the contact of the saddle bars. PoronXRD® is currently used in professional athletic padding and is considered one of the best shock absorption technologies on the market today. Next we use a small amount of memory foam to fill in gaps that may occur with the saddle that do not exactly match the shape of the horses back, this ensures a snug fit. Lastly we line the entire bottom of the pads with orthopedic grade felt. This ensures comfort for your horse while wicking away sweat.

All of our saddle pads have high quality felt tops and “extend length” wear leathers to ensure durability and years of use.  All made here in the USA.

The OrthoRide Saddle Pad can address several saddle fit problems:

    • Saddles that are Too Large

    • Saddle Tilt Forward

    • High Withers or unusual conformation horse

  • Narrow Withers
 The OrthoRide Saddle Pad can help performance with the following: 
    • Roping

    • Barrel Racing

    • Young horses

  • Older horses

Let’s give our horses some comfort.

The OrthoRide saddle pad wither relief insert is designed to give your horse relief from the hundreds of pounds of saddle and rider that all comes to a point at the saddle bars. To many times you will see a horse that has suffered improper saddle fit indicated by white hair spots at their wither where they now have a permanent injury. This is actually trauma of the hair follicle, turning the hairs in the damaged area white.

 Saddles that are too large.

Saddles are expensive, so for people that own more than one horse having a perfect fitting saddle for each one becomes impractical. Additionally horses' backs change shape over the years. For saddles that are too large, (where the saddle bars are not resting on the horse's wither muscle) or the front Gullet of the saddle may be hitting the top of the wither while riding, due to this, the OrthoRide™ can dramatically help. By filling in the space between the bars of the saddle and holding the saddle up level where your weight is more evenly distributed. Additionally this helps keep the underside of the saddle gullet from resting on the top of the horses wither. This can give you and your horse a better day riding.

Sore or Sensitive withers.

There are many horses have sensitive withers and backs, but too often riders are not aware and attribute behavior problems to training. Many times this is due to something wrong with the saddle. Sometimes a saddle will fit level, but the angle of the saddle bars are at an angle that doesn’t match with the shape of the horse, so they end of digging into the horses wither and cause pain. OrthoRide™ keeps your horse's wither protected and fills in gaps under the saddle.

Young Horses.

Many young horses do not have fully developed wither muscles, or backs for that matter. Early experiences can last a lifetime with a horse. The OrthoRide™ saddle pads are great for young horses because they are gentle on their backs while helping them get used to the weight of a rider with the PoronXRD® inserts absorbing the shock.

Old Horses.

Just like with young horses older horses have similar problems. As horses age they can start to lose their wither muscle and their back get sensitive. Again like with young horses, OrthoRide™ saddle pads are gentle on their backs. The PoronXRD® inserts absorbing the shock.

Barrel Racing – Wither Pinch Saddle Slip

Running straight and making 360 degree turns in a barrel race can really put a lot of pressure on a horse’s withers in a turn. Horse anticipate this and will hold up on turns causing loss of rhythm that can cost time on the run. Let the shock absorption of PoronXRD® reduce the pressure and you might just gain second or two.

Roping Horses – Dally Hit

Any Roper knows that when you dally that rope on the horn and pull that steer the horse is going to feel as they say “a hit.” OrthoRide™ puts the shock absorption of PoronXRD® between the saddle horn and your horses’ withers. Some of our customers have noticed dramatic difference in their horse’s anxiety level after switching to an OrthoRide™ saddle pad.



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OrthoRide™ Saddle Pad With Fleece Bottom