5" Curb Bit Medium Port 61/2" Cheeks Copper Roller

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  • MOUTH - 5"

  • CHEEKS - 6 1/2"

  • MATERIAL - Soild Steel

  • PLEASE NOTE - For experienced and seasoned horses

  • STYLE - Solid Curb Bit with Medium Port and copper roller. Copper rollers are great to keep your horse salivating and give them something to play with.


You now have yourself a bridle horse. You've worked so hard to move from the snaffle to the bozal, and now your hard work has paid off. Here is the 5" curb bit with 61/2" cheeks and a medium port to get you started. This bit doesn't offer much designs or show off features, but its a strong solid bit with all the quality at an affordable price. Even has a copper roller to keep your horse busy and keep them salivating on those long rides.

Please Note - This bit is for experienced horses that have flexion in a snaffle and bend at the pole softly. This bit should be introduced slowly. Please consult in a professional or a trainer before riding your horse with this bit.

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5" Curb Bit Medium Port 61/2" Cheeks Copper Roller