D-Ring Cooper in Lay Texas Star Snaffle Show Bit

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  • SIZE - 5"

  • LAY - The lay of this mouth piece has a curve like structure to comfortably sit in the horses mouth and relieve tongue pressure.

  • OFF SET D RING - This D Ring Snaffle show bit is sure to stand out on any horse.

  • SHAPE - The unique qualities of this bit is how the ring doesn't slide through the bit like an O Ring. This is the first step to getting your horse use to the feeling and helping them learn flexion laterally and vertically before upgrading to the shank bit

  • MOUTH PIECE - The snaffle mouth piece is a great way to start any horse and now we have added the soft iron copper with in the bit so insure your young horse is keeping moisture in his mouth through the whole event, and/or workout.


These beautiful bits will truly have you and your horse standing out in the show ring. The curve like style of this bit is to designed to sit comfortably in the horses mouth and relieve some tongue pressure. With a sweet iron copper inlay it's sure to keep your horse salivating through the whole event or workout. The Off Set D-Ring is also just a great bit to have outside of the show ring. It's a great place to start your young horse, unlike the common O-ring snaffle the ring does not slide through the bit. It is a solid structure that the bit is connected to. This is the perfect first step to get your horse ready for any shank bit. The structure that the bit is attached to, is the closest mimic you will get before transitioning to the shank bit, but with a soft quite mouth piece to teach your horse the foundation of flexion and bending at the pole.

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D-Ring Cooper in Lay Texas Star Snaffle Show Bit