Featherlite Pro Series Aluminum Bit Collection

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  • MOUTH PIECE - 5"

  • CHEEKS - 8 1/2" Shanks

  • ENGRAVED - This Billy Allen Reiner is a beautiful designed bit that is not to heavy, but enough weight to help encourage your horse keep his head low.

  • COPPER ROLLER - The copper roller is a great addition to any bit. Keep your horse busy while standing with a roller to play with and the sweet iron keeps your horse salivating through your whole ride.

  • BILLY ALLEN - The Billy Allen bit has a curved mouth piece to lay nicer on the horses tongue and allow them more comfort. The mouthpiece moves and is flexible similar to a snaffle. The loose shanks make it much easier to take a horse’s head to the side and get lateral flexion.


This bit collection has an Aluminum 8 1/2" shank. All mouthpieces are 5 " and now you can have the same beautiful show bit for all your horses, with different mouthpieces to make each horse happy. These bits are extremely lightweight yet durable and we also designed the headstall cheek ring to be curved out to allow added comfort for the horse. By adding this curve, you can now ride with your tie down, cavesson, or halter and know that your horse is comfortable. Now you can get the same functionality as those other bits, with half the weight.  Most every bit has some copper in the mouthpiece to ensure a happy soft mouth horse. These bits will keep your horse salivating the entire ride. If your copper starts to tarnish over time, it is COMPLETELY normal. Is does not affect the horse and still provides the same salivating process and soft metal feel in the mouth.

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Featherlite Pro Series Aluminum Bit Collection