Long Shank Arrow Ported Bit

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  • SHANK - Antique Brown and 8"

  • MOUTHPIECE - Mouthpiece's vary from 5 1/4" to 5 1/8".

  • ARROW - The shanks have silver arrows all the way down the shank to make this bit really stand out.

  • CHOICES - Now you can choose between the mouthpiece and still have a beautiful show bit. Choose a mouthpiece that is best for you and your horse, and pick another mouthpiece that might work for your other horse.

  • MEDIUM WEIGHT - These bits are a medium weight that help encourage the horse to lower there head, yet not add more pressure then necessary


This Antique Shank Show Bit with Silver Arrows is exactly what you have been looking for. Now you can have the beautiful show bit of your dreams and be able to choose the mouthpiece that works best for you and your horse. These beautiful bits are medium weight to help encourage your horse to keep their head low. All the shanks are 8" and the mouthpieces vary from 5 1/8" to 5 1/4". Now get the show bit you have always wanted with the mouthpiece that is perfect for you.

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Long Shank Arrow Ported Bit