Stainless Steel No Pinch Snaffle Bit

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  • NO PINCH - This snaffle has a sheath for the ring of the bit. This allows the bit to fully spin in the sheath and never catch and pinch your horse.

  • SIZE - This O Ring snaffle is a 5" mouth piece

  • BENEFITS - When starting a young horse, you want there to be as little stress or irritation as possible. This bit will leave you resting easy as you know your colt will be fully listing to you and not worried about the pinching of his lip.

  • STAINLESS STEEL - Don't worry about those bits that you have rusting in the back of the tack room. This Stainless Bit is sure to stay sparkling for many days to come.


The pinchless snaffle is the best way to start any horse. This bit leaves you with peace of mind knowing your horse will be fully concentrating on you and not worrying about the object pinching his lip every few minutes. Now you can get down to what really important and waste little to no time. A happy horse, equals a happy team. The pinchless snaffle is also a Stainless Steel bit, and as long as it is taken care of and rinsed occasionally it will last for years and years. This bit is a 5" mouth piece, with an O Ring side.

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Stainless Steel No Pinch Snaffle Bit