Trigger/Scissor Snap Square Eye - 2 Pack

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  • SQUARE BOTTOMS - Makes it easy to put almost any rein on this bottom

  • TOP QUALITY - These are strongly made and come in any size you may need look nice on your bridle

  • THE POSSIBILITIES - We recommend these for horses riders far and wide, but these clips can be used for much more then just a quick tack change.

  • MULTIPLE USE - Use for your reins, suspenders, stall clips, and more

  • PAIR - Sold in packages of 2


Are you tired of having to change out reins for every horse you ride? Maybe a different event that day? Get yourself some top quality construction trigger snaps, that make rein changes a breeze and never be left to rush before a ride again. Square Eye Trigger snap. Sold in packages of 2.

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Trigger/Scissor Snap Square Eye - 2 Pack