OrthoRide Elite Saddle Pad Premium Tan Topper with Fleece Bottom 1"

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  • ✓ SOLVE SADDLE FIT PROBLEMS - Before you buy another expensive saddle.


  • ✓ PORON-RXD under the saddle bars ABSORBS up to 90% OF SHOCK.

  • ✓ 1 Year Satisfaction Warranty

  • ✓ Fleece Bottom


Now the popular OrthoRide now comes with a Fleece Bottom option. The OrthoRide saddle pad is a contoured two-toned orthopedic grade felt saddle pad with Poron XRD and memory foam build-up is specifically designed to relieve shoulder strain and pressure. The OrthoRide Saddle Pad helps with hard to fit conformation, high withers, narrow shoulders or asymmetrical muscle development. On impact, Poron XRD encased in high quality, memory foam material featured behind the scapula isolates and provides a protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of force. Poron XRD molecules will not breakdown over time and offer the same protection ride after ride. The uniquely designed build-up evenly aligns horse, pad and saddle for a OrthoRide. Great for: Poor Fitting Saddles High Withers or unusual conformation horses Young Horses with under developed shoulder muscles Team Roping to reduce saddle hit when dallying.

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OrthoRide Elite Saddle Pad Premium Tan Topper with Fleece Bottom 1"